doing your dissertation with Microsoft Word: a book review

Doing your dissertation with Microsoft Word: a book review.

Thank you to the Thesis Whisperer for an honest review. I think I might just buy this book.  Only yesterday I was composing a poem to word..

WORD, stop THAT.

I didn’t want that there.

The period is meant to go over there.

Word, stop THAT.

Please word, can’t you cooperate

I have a deadline.

I just want to type.

WORD, stop THAT…

RIGHT,  NOW WORD… before I reformat you face!

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matthew chp. 25. v 31-35 a response to the goats:

it is not easy sometimes to be listening for the ‘word’, if ‘we’ learn to be still and wait for the bleating to subside…. then  there will be no need for sheep to the right and ‘you’ the goats to the left – grace will fill up all our heart’s with compassion for one another.

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3 things and their associated feelings

Day two, yesterday doesn’t count!

1: walk with Tessa paying attention to nature, birds, plants and sunshine – it was okay; I mean it felt okay.

2: Listened to new Saint Etienne album – its a grown-up stunning mix of everything pop over the last 20 years. Then I played around with my iTunes, listened to 2Pac – felt groovy!

3: Not sure – but feel ok – now in bed and am okay with being wide awake!

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how unoriginal

this has been said before, however….how unoriginal was it by the early church fathers to come up the concept of original sin?? Perhaps, an emphasis wasn’t placed on the importance of developing critical and creative thinking skills. Or, did they think religion was too new to introduce ideas of truth?? just wondering.

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Somewhere in the meditative distance traveled, there will be an illumination, a small speck of brilliant light. If you turn your  thoughts to differing directions, this light will illuminate the path.  This requires no physical maneuvering, but rather a sensing of the inner way of discovering .  These are the beautiful intrinsic searching’s, the motions of delicate awareness.  In these places  you can be running, leaping, walking or crawling. And yet your very center of being will remain calmly stilling.

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beside you…

….2 steps behind and slightly to the left.

Judging knowing of self, through others eyes, deadens the spirit to walking alongside the authentic you.  It becomes a permanent awakening of subtle sleeplessness, buried in burdens and anchored to a mis-placed soul.

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complicated lives are diss-armed by a simple solution – being in the moment

There is a road in Grand Rapids,  Michigan, not too dis-similar to other roads in other towns.  Except this one is  delineated by a name that is what it does – Division Avenue.

At it’s epicenter is an array of  agencies by faithfully led initiatives. Which share curbside with trendy pubs and valet parking schemes.  Each exists aware of the other, but only one is intimate with the  “knowing” of hunger.  This intricate relationship is balanced by city managers and law enforcement officers.  The re-branding of  homelessness  has enabled  people to become our neighbors.

20 miles of avenue, are not always lined with trees.

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